Site Created August of 2000 By Luke Chrisco

Revel in my existential anguish.

Share in the stipends of my manic jazz rotund.

People, people, people, I am so glad to see you at this time of the present. Don't worry be happy that's what i always tell myself. And it works, that is, until i notice the catfood and potatoe chips have been mashed into the carpet never to be returned to thier natural tasty states ever again.

In our world there is tradgedy the unexplained there is a wealth of contexts and potentialities. This is where the sarterean nausea comes into play. The greater question then presents itself, not the eternal "why?" or the temporal "why not?" but the nauseous "how", the ever distresing disbelief of authentic reckoning. This very well could be the torment of the universaly abstracted manic mind. Hence the further question is elicited here: What are you managing to convey through the smokescreen torment? A site im working on

I remain unconvinced. "Of what?" you say. Of just that the neccecity to do anything at all. Shopenhauer, as a younger man, put it this way, voicing the fundemental metaphysical enquiry into the ontological primacy of life itself: "Why something and not nothing?" Why this web page? and not an empty hard drive space on some sever space in someones basement.

I will not answer it with words, I will not answer it with my life. No one can force us to answer this that is us, call it a prison or a theater of ambiguity or an existential ground. According to kant there is a meaningfull referent in which our seperate selves and our separate contexts coinside even if we didn't know it before hand. So do we know what the hell we are talking about. Even if we are all playing language games that do not coinside we are still playing games. Let that be your comminality then. I for one refuse to take part I refuse to answer the question I do not object to the question or argue its existence.

Yet I stand and from the side, I watch some of the time if my needs have been provided for like brushing my teeth (although sometimes i am naseous while brushing)or from the audience and even though I dabble at times on stage and playing the fool playing the fool playing the fool as the part has been handed down through the generations and expanded upon I gain the warmth the drunkards speak of Let me be satisfied thus to look interested, attempting to be convinced.